What Is A Combo Embroidery Machine And Why Would I Need One?

embroidery and sewing machines Embroidery is such as a cool hobby, that there’s no wonder so many choose it over other activities. If you think you might also like it, keep reading to find out what a combo embroidery machine is and why you should consider getting one. You’ll also learn how to choose the right machine for you and how to ensure you take good care of it.

What Is Combo Embroidery Machine and How to Pick?

First of all, a combo embroidery machine is a sewing machine with embroidery and quilting functions.

It allows you to sew clothes, linen, and whatever else you may wish, but it can also handle embroidery projects, thus saving you from buying a separate machine to do that. Some of these machines are real state of the art, modern technology, computer-controlled units, able to perform advanced embroidery works. Professionals and beginners alike use such machines to create impressive clothing outfits, table cloths, and many other such items.

The best thing about modern combo embroidery machines is that they feature a helpful on-screen reference guide, as well as built-in help instructions.

Learning the machine becomes much easier, as you don’t need to study thick user manuals to understand how to make use of all of their functions. Also, modern technology makes troubleshooting much easier. The machine is able to self-diagnose and display instructions for you to follow in order to address a specific issue. Of course, all major brands deliver their combo embroidery machines with a full brochure, just in case you prefer a hard copy to the inbuilt screen.

Most of these machines come with a wide range of utility and basic stitches already included.

You can use them to create traditional pieces of work. However, many of these units allow you to import your custom designs from a USB memory stick, in order to create original and unique patterns and embroidery designs. As not all machines on the market include this function, you should ask the vendors or check on castoff.com to show you the specific models that do, in order to avoid making the wrong choice.

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There are many other features you should know about, so brace yourself for some serious reading.

For instance, some of these machines have upper and bobbin thread sensors. Others only have a bobbin thread sensor. Also, many of these machines feature an independent bobbin winding motor. This could prove to be very useful, as it would allow you to save a lot of preparation time.

As you can probably imagine, advanced functions and features come at a price.

This is why you should start by setting some reasonable budget limits. If you can’t afford a combo embroidery machine with computer or USB connectivity, you should either seek a less advanced model or save some more money to afford the top-notch machine that will allow you to bring your creative ideas to life.

This is what combo embroidery machines are and what they can do. Whether you need one or not, it is up to you to decide. If you enjoy sewing and embroidery, you should rather invest in a top-notch machine you can use to create all the designs you had in mind.