How Often Should I Change My Cat’s Litter?

Keeping cats at home is an exciting activity, but it also comes with one major downside, which is the litter box.

It’s essential to appreciate the fact that a cat has a powerful sense of smell, approximately 14 times more potent than humans. Of importance is that cats are also among the most hygienic animals. If you feline smell that its litter box has not been cleaned, they will not use it.

But remember cats, similarly to other pets, can be dirty at times, and it’s your responsibility as the pet parent to ensure you create a hygienic and comfortable environment for your cats. Litter tracking and odor can be significantly minimized if you take care of hygiene. This is the reason you have to replace the litter occasionally. But the most critical aspect is to ensure you have the right litter for your cats.

cleaning cat litter box

How often should you change cat’s litter?

This question may not have a specific answer since the frequency of changing your cat litter depends on several factors such as the type of cat litter you’re using and how often your cat uses the litter box.

If the litter you’re using needs daily cleaning, you should scoop the dirty portions each day. As you do this, you must have your mask and gloves on to prevent infections. After every 2-3 days, you may refill the litter, but you need to ensure it’s not too high. If it’s overfilled, you cat may mess your floor. It’s recommended that you should empty the litter box if not of an automatic designed litter box once every week and clean it with either baking soda or charcoal. You may also opt to line the litter box to make cleaning the box easy.

The specifics of how and when to clean your cat’s litter box depends on how frequent your cat defecates and the type of litter you’re using.

Regardless of the litter you’ve used for your cat’s box, cleanliness must be practiced. You must create a routine of inspecting the litter regularly and scoop any clumped litter.

The best way of limiting infections and pests form cats to men is by observing high standards of cleanliness. If your cat’s litter box is always clean, then your cat will be happy and healthy at all moments.

maintain cleaniess on cat litter

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