How To Find The Best Heavy Bag Stand?

heavy bag stands reviewDo you love martial arts? Do you want to start training from home? Well, you need a heavy bag for a great workout. It’s the perfect choice to work on your martial arts technique, conditioning, timing and numerous other aspects. Also, you need the best heavy bag stand to keep it in place.

With most heavy bags, you need to hang the bag from a hook attached to the ceiling or a wall bracket. If you don’t want to start drilling holes into your ceiling or walls, a heavy bag stand is the best choice. Here’s what you need to know about buying a heavy bag stand and how to find the best one.

1. The Design

It should be the first aspect to consider when looking for the best heavy bag stand. For instance, some designs cater for boxing bags thus they are not great for other martial arts since the bars might be in the way.

If you want the best heavy bag stand for kickboxing bags, you should choose one where the legs stand wider apart. Thus, the bag can swing giving you flexibility to move around it. Also, such a design allows you to work on your footwork and strikes accordingly.

Any heavy bag stand mounted to the ceiling or wall is sturdier but you need to drill into these areas. It might not work well for your home. Measure the space available in your home. Choose a smaller stand that fits into that space properly and gives you enough flexibility.

2. Weight Limit

wall bag stands vs floor bag stands

Most heavy bag stands have a capacity of 100 lbs. You should be able to hang a heavy bag of this weight and below without any issues. If you hang a heavier bag, it will most likely force the beam to bend. If you are mounting the bag to the ceiling, it will most likely collapse. Therefore, you should know that the weight of your heavy bag will have a huge effect on the type of bag stand you choose.

3. Construction Quality

The construction of the heavy bag stand depends heavily on your budget. With a mid-level bag, you can enjoy a good build that will last. Of course, you will notice some creaking when any force hits the bag.

Cheaper bag stands are usually made from steel tubing and are very lightweight. It will save a lot on the cost of materials and reduce the overall shipping cost. A huge disadvantage here is that the lighter bag will sway a lot back and forth. You need to add weighted sand bags at the bottom part of the stand to prevent this motion.

wall reflex bag stand

4. Setting Up The Heavy Bag Stand

Most heavy bag stands are very easy to set up. In the packaging box, you will find a good manual of how to set up the stand properly. Once you are done setting up, you can attach the heavy bag and start working out immediately. Remember, some of the heavy bags are sold separately from the heavy bag stand so make sure you have a best punching bag ready.