Tips To Help You Choose The Best Family Beach Tent


When summer begins knocking, you will start making a checklist to ensure you have all the requirements to allow you to have a good time. Going to the beach is a must-do activity for most people. However, with the scorching sun, you will suffer the risk of sunburns. Although sunscreen works precisely to prevent this problem, having a beach tent comes in handy when you want to lie down a little after exhaustion from many beach activities. If you are considering buying the best beach tent for family to fit in, below are some tips that can guide you in making the right choice.

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  • Size.

The primary determinant of size is the number of people in your family. Tents come in a variety of sizes to suit one or even a hundred people. Your choice of the shelter should have enough space for a sitting area then extra space to give your children room to play. You do not want a small tent where everyone will be struggling to fit in and shelter from the sun. If your family comprises of five people, choose a tent that has extra room for three more people to give all of you more comfort.

  • Material.

Tentmaking companies use different kinds of materials when manufacturing beach tents. However, the best type of content to settle for in a beach tent is either polyester or nylon material. They are useful since they will provide you and your family sufficient shade away from the sun. Furthermore, they are durable, and you will get to use the same tent for so many occasions without having to repair or replace them. Also, the frames should be durable to avoid incidents like collapsing due to breakages, which in turn can cause injuries. Since you want to relax, consider a tent that has an opening where you can close in case there is too much wind.

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  • Weight.

The main goal of going to the beach is to have fun. The presence of heavy luggage is, therefore, unwelcomed. When choosing a tent, you will want to settle for a design that is light in weight. Lightweight tents come in one compact material, and this aspect further gives you a comfortable time whey setting it up. You should use minimum effort and also have it ready within a short period. Such a pop up tent will let you focus on your beach goals, and when you are prepared to go home, packing it up will only take a few minutes.

  • Colour.

During the summer, everyone seemingly goes to the beach and has a tent. Therefore your choice of tent color should be unique with a shade that is standing out. The color aspect will give your family members an easy time when trying to spot their place. Bright colors are the best option.

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If you consider the above guidelines, you will end up with a tent that will serve its purpose perfectly. You will have peace of mind all through while focusing on having a good time with your family. Also, your kids will enjoy the experience in the sun and also get an excellent place to relax.