What Is the Best Way to Steam Clean Couch?

If your couch is looking tired and dirty, a good steam clean may be what it needs. While steam cleaning can take care of stains and dirt on the couch, you need to be careful to avoid any damage. To ensure you steam clean your couch correctly, there are certain steps you need to take.

Step 1: Choose The Right Steam Cleaner

The first step is to have the best steam cleaner for couch. The cleaner should be easy to handle and designed for furniture use. Some steam cleaners are made for floors only and they will not be suitable for your couch.

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The handheld steamers is generally the best option because they are easy to use on any furniture. They will also have furniture cleaning attachments. Cylinder steam cleaners are also a good option because they will have furniture attachments as well. Mop style steam cleaners are not recommended for your furniture.

Step 2: Test The Steamer

Before you start steam cleaning your couch, you need to check whether the fabric can withstand this. The color of some couches will run and fade when exposed to steam cleaning. To test for this, you need to choose a small and less visible area of your couch to start steaming.

getting the cheapest steamer for couchYou should gently steam this area using the upholstery attachment. Leave it to stand for around 15 minutes and then check the area. If nothing has happened, your couch can be steam cleaned and you can move onto the rest of the couch.

Step 3: Vacuum The Couch First

After testing an area of the couch, you will need to vacuum the entire item. This will remove any loose dirt, pet hair, dander, and food leftovers. Removing these particles is important because it makes the cleaning process easier and more effective. All of these particles have the potential for damaging your couch further if they become wet.

When vacuuming the couch, you should use the upholstery attachment. This will ensure you do not damage your couch fabric and remove as many of the particles as possible. You can only start steam cleaning the couch once the surface dirt has been removed.

Step 4: Start With The Pillows

When you are ready to start steam cleaning the couch, you should focus on the pillows. You should take the pillows off the body of the couch to clean them. When cleaning, you need to run the nozzle of the steamer in a single stroke from the top to the bottom of the surface.

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It is important that this is done in a steady manner. However, you do not want the fabric to become too wet from the steam. Taking too long to move the nozzle down the pillow will cause the fabric to become soaked.

After cleaning the pillows, you can start cleaning the body of the couch. Once this is done, you will need to leave it to dry. All these steps will ensure your couch has been steam cleaned effectively and in the safest manner possible. It is also important that you read the steam cleaner manual as this will have further information to help.